Download Jay-Z's 4:44 For Free Financial Advice and The Story of O.J. Full Video

Download 4:44 For Free Financial Advice, Thanks Jay-Z

Download Jay-Z's 4:44 For Free Financial Advice and The Story of O.J. Full Video

My biz partners are going crazy over this album because it hints on wealth principles that we have been talking about for years! Get with our team and this financial movement to strategize your way to wealth! Click here for more info

If you haven’t heard his new album yet it’s because you don’ t support his business (story of my life lol). But really we have to start investing in ourselves and taking more chances. Build an empire and start a legacy that you can pass down through your family tree. If you already have success, then let’s build on top of it and help those around you also become more financially successful.

Things that are now cool:
Financial freedom
Building credit
Investing in real estate
Investing in art
Owning your own Masters

Things not cool:
“Money Calling” pose on Instagram
Blowing money in the strip club
Passing over opportunities
Being behind on your Taxes
Signing record deals

According to Jay-Z, he named the album 4:44 because he woke up at that time of the morning inspired to write it… Holy Trinity + 1 = 4
4:44/444 (angel number) *numerology* = Trust your productivity.

JAY-Z’s 4:44 Tracklist

1. “Kill Jay Z”
2. “The Story of O.J.”
3. “Smile” Feat. Gloria Carter
4. “Caught Their Eyes” Feat. Frank Ocean
5. “4:44″
6. “Family Feud”
7. “Bam” Feat. Damian Marley
8. “Moonlight”
9. “Marcy Me”
10. “Legacy”

OK I made yall wait long enough… Watch the animated video release for Track 2, The Story of O.J. Download the album here before they take it down!

Download 4:44 For Free Financial Advice, Thanks Jay-Z

Marvel’s The Defenders | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix [Video]

Marvel’s The Defenders follows Daredevil (Charlie Cox), Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), Luke Cage (Mike Colter) and Iron Fist (Finn Jones). A quartet of singular heroes with one common goal – to save New York City. This is the story of four solitary figures, burdened with their own personal challenges, who realize they just might be stronger when teamed together. The Netflix original series will launch globally on August 18, 2017.

Check it out on Netflix soon! Marvel’s The Defenders

It's not about Fast Cars, Jewelry and Mansions...

It's not about fast cars, jewelry and mansions...

not yet...

If stats show 60% of people have less than $1K in savings, that means most are still working on their financial foundation!

Can we put food on the table first? A roof over heads and clothes on our kids' backs??

The problem is we spend so much of our adult lives trying to GET BY that we never GET OVER.

Getting over means you've got money working harder FOR YOU than you could ever work FOR IT.

It means having an emergency cash fund equal to 6-9 months of expenses.

It means being able to drop $250k in a business or idea to get a 3,000% return on investment.

Investing in your community and being the reason property value is going up in your city.

If your child's band or sports team needs to raise $10k to for equipment, it means you write a check without blinking...

Getting OVER can mean different things to you but one thing that's for sure is CHANGE!
You'll never get somewhere new by driving in a circle... but that's exactly what we do every month like hamsters on a wheel.... eventually you'll want to get off!

Over the next 30 days, my cashflow team and I will be helping 30 families put some KEY strategies in place.

These strategies have been PROVEN to not only help people get by but get above, over and beyond.

I have accepted the 30 for 30 Challenge.

Stay tuned and subscribe to our YouTube channel here or click me to get started!

Video 1: "2 Objectives"


DJ Khaled - Nas Album Done (Ft Nas) [Video + Lyrics]

DJ Khaled - Nas Album Done (Ft Nas)

     Nas and DJ Khaled hit the Caribbean's and team up with Ox to film their new video for the track "Nas Album Done".  The song features a dope beat by 808-Ray and Cool & Dre that samples The Fugees "Fu-Gee-La" produced by Salaam Remi back in 1995. Nas endorses the black-owned Bevel blade company with his signature fade to match. DJ Khaled's riding horses and jumping off yachts with his belly out lol. But his overall message about unity in his conversations with the legend, Ox is truly what hip-hop and the world needs. Check out this piece of nostalgia and timeless hip-hop vid:

DJ Khaled - Nas Album Done (Ft Nas) Lyrics

[Intro: DJ Khaled]
Classic shit, timeless, forever, iconic
DJ Khaled!

[Verse 1: Nas]
A divine leader, shine brighter
Bonita mami, meet a line sniffer
Never, poetic rhyme writer, chiefer
Ebony empress getter
Celebrity Apprentice a devil show
Big up to Africa, Mexico
Hennessy, margarita, venison eater
So dear spread 'em here, don't be actin' innocent either
Dome me, relax me, it's only to the nasty
I'm just a phony assassin
A lot of niggas owe me, I'ma tax 'em
A lot of sisters hold me to somethin' holy and Catholic
‘Cause the rosary and gold flashy
Just an attachment and accessory to my dress code
Now everywhere all I see is Pablo, Esco
Last time I checked I was still breathin'
My neck was still freezin'
Now everybody got an Escobar Season
To every baby on the album cover existin'
This trend I was settin', it came to fruition
I'm assistin' to push the culture forward
To all my ghost supporters, go support us
Like a local black-owned grocery store
‘Cause in the hood shit ain't passed down through blood
It's a dub on that, we get government aid
Spend it at they stores, puttin' they kids through college
We need balance
So we can lease and own deeds in our projects
So I'm askin' Gs to go in their pockets
The racial economic inequality, let's try to solve it
[Hook: Nas]
My signature fade with the Bevel blade
That's a major key
I told her she smart and loyal, I like that
That's a major key
Start a label, run it, sign yourself
That's a major key
What Tony had on the table
It's like us, we a major key

[Verse 2: Nas]
Still underestimated, every mistake a lesson
Mercury retrograde, so if that planet spin backwards
Up in the heavens maybe
It's effectin' back on niggas who don't be reppin' lately
I'm playin' chess with babies
Niggas is nursery
Niggas impersonatin', rehearsin' me
Nothin' like me, I'm the first of me
And that's quite certainly
So official, come get this issue, some women crazy
I like a woman to show me wisdom
These hoes easily convinced to pop their pussy
With a loaded pistol
Y'all ain't meant to be played
Says the brother with the signature fade
Still paid, stackin', new stash
Went from hangin' with shooters and clappers
To computer hackers
Check the fashion in Monaco
Gettin' ocean mist on my HSTRY hats
Khaled called me when I was in album mode
So I put it on hold for the Major Key
My album done, niggas, wait and see

[Interlude: DJ Khaled]
Classic shit, timeless, forever, iconic

[Hook: Nas]
My signature fade with the Bevel blade
That's a major key
I told her she smart and loyal, I like that
That's a major key
Start a label, run it, sign yourself
That's a major key
What Tony had on the table
It's like us, we a major key

DJ Khaled - Nas Album Done (Ft Nas)

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What Jesse Williams' Inspiring BET Speech was Missing...

My favorite part about Jesse’s speech was, “Just because we’re magic, doesn’t mean we’re not real…” But as I watch this inspiring speech, all I can think about is… what now? How do we fix the problems presented? “We want it now” so how do we get it? This is the perfect time to put this idea I’ve had on paper… I feel like the answer is education and entrepreneurship. The main reason for inequality is the sheer illusion of a lack of opportunity. This illusion is fostered by the media, by music, by what our parents taught us, by our community and the illusion is confirmed by stereotyping, discrimination and prejudice (a preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience). This illusion of a lack of opportunity can only be destroyed by education, mentor-ship, unity, and the experience of entrepreneurship!

 I learned that people treat you as you see yourself. How you see yourself affects your posture, your speech, your actions, your habits, your attitude, your mindset, your future, your success. This education of self is vital to success but it is rarely taught in school. I had ONE course in the 16 years of school about personal growth and self-development. RIP Mr. Mitchell, Thank You for your commitment to us even when we didn’t see it’s true value at the time.

Besides education, I believe the experience of entrepreneurship is powerful enough to destroy inequality and even curb violent crime by providing opportunity. Think about it, violence happens where there is the most scarcity and lack of resources. Otherwise people would just buy their way out of their problems instead of stealing, robbing killing to get what they need. Detroit, for example, has the highest eviction/foreclosure rate of any city and one of the highest murder rates as well… which is the effect of the other?? Do you think that if more people owned stores and shops in their city that they would be able to thrive and have a sense of pride of who they are and who their family is? Do you think they would have more opportunity handed down from generation to generation?? Instead of inheriting debt and prison sentences, inheriting corner stores, bakeries, and investment funds…

Violence would then be abandoned as the only means for survival and once the violence ends, the stereotypes will die. Once we can rebuild the trust, we can re-enforce our own self-confidence as people begin to accept us as we are, not as who they fear us to be. We don’t need activists to preach about peace more than we need teachers and mentors to teach us how to start businesses. We all have the same basic abilities, minds, souls, bodies and needs but face it, appearance will always be the first judge and it’s up to you to get passed that. Once I became color-blind to my success and I noticed that others became color-blind to me. If only people could realize that no matter who they are, old or young, white or black, rich or poor, we all live in the land of opportunity where you can literally make a dollar out of 15 cents. People immigrate (even illegally) to come to this country so they can have a shot at freedom and opportunity. All the while, people who are born here are caught up in generational curses of lack and poverty. Only education and entrepreneurship can break us free.

I graduated from a state university with a concentration in finance and entrepreneurship yet I have never learned as much as I have being a part of Novae Life over the last year and half. Self-development, personal growth and economic empowerment is at the heart of what we do. I already gave back to the community in college by speaking to thousands of students about the importance of college but now I feel speaking about entrepreneurship is even more impactful. I’ve seen so many lives change so drastically for the better by being a apart of this movement, mine included. I have never traveled so much and I have never made more money nor helped as many others make money being in any other work from home opportunity. The best part is… we see no color and everyone has the same opportunity for success. But I can’t force others to free themselves… if I could, we’d already be living successful dreams.

Thanks Mr. Williams for inspiring so many to take action, that’s part of the mission… the next step is education and finally providing people with an opportunity to fund their dreams. Thank you for reading!

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Periscope: Drive by Thoughts Feb 12

#justmythoughts #periscope #personalgrowth

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 *according to survey of more than 5,000 adults conducted by Google Consumer Survey for

Cost Too Much - Sean From the Ville

Champagne Posse's very own Sean from the Ville also reppin NC Hip-hop just landed on World Star and brought in nearly 10k views his first day. His new video "Co$t Too Much" was shot out in San Diego and is a fresh switch. Clever, High-Energy and Everyday Life Raps from one of the newest upcoming artists hitting the scene. Sean from the Ville also has a new mixtape out called "Tell Drake I Said Hi". 
You can check it out here

World’s First Shatterproof Phone? DROID Turbo 2 Case

Does a DROID Turbo 2 case make sense?
Watch the DROID Turbo 2 (with Moto ShatterShield technology) in a drop test competition against HTC, Apple and Samsung phones… Guess who won… Think you still need a Droid Turbo 2 Case??

Motorola Turbo 2 is Shatterproof but still need a DROID Turbo 2 Case I gotta admit, when I first heard of a shatterproof phone I was skeptical. I mean, the last 3 phones I had, I had to replace due to a sad, shattered, unusable screen :( But the words: “World’s First” really drew me in and caught my attention that this may actually be the real deal.
     I decided to get my Turbo 2 and Ill say the screen is amazing and incredibly crisp, coming in with a 5.4” POLED Quad HD (1440 x 2560) 540 ppi screen supporting up to 16M colors and of course featuring the Moto ShatterShield™ Display.  It’s actually not even glass! It’s some kind of high-impact high-resin plasic that feels baby smooth like any of the finest glass displays.  I still recommend getting a screen protector for scratches and a Droid Turbo 2 case to protect your housing.  They will replace your phone screen within 4 years of purchase if it does crack but not if there is any damage to your housing and edges.  So yeah, I definitely recommend a Droid Turbo 2 case for the long term. If you customized it, just get a clear case like this one and call it a day:
     My favorite features? Hands-free voice activated technology, 15 minute charge gets you 13 hours of usage, front-facing flash for photos and video, and chopping motion activates flashlight, rotation gesture activates camera or switches rear to front cam… oh and the shatterproof display :)
Until next time peeps!
- J

RoddyJ - 2ndNature (Prod by DJ Fo) [Listen, Lyrics & Download]

RoddyJ - 2ndNature (Prod by DJ Fo)


Support me by Downloading this track!

This is we how grind
yeah we play it cool
now we gettin' paper
haters hopin' I lose
but it's second nature
I guess its second nature...

Yeah I know they mad I can see their anger
Cuz I came up from same place they came from
sat and watched me hit rock bottom like an anchor
now the want peace all the get is middle finger

Fo goin' hammer on the beat, another banger
Bout to take flight, my skull is a hanger
you aint on track to a milli you're in danger
Paper getting right like an A plus

Paper getting right, hide the staplers
chicks mad now, I guess they catching vapors
wear my heart up on my sleeve, I guess I need a tailor
put that bread up in the oven, I guess I need a baker

It's rat race the Minotaur amaze ya
we some beasts on verses, they just squeaks on paper
chewing on a fresh benjie for the minty flavor
money coming easy to me, guess its 2nd nature


Goin' global but raised in the south
I do a show though, get paid then I'm out
never thought I get paid by word of mouth
remember momma sayin dont make me wash it out

You know I bring that heat for them busters
yeah you know I rockin sleep is for suckers
Fresh outfit, fresh fitted cap
fresh pair from coastal kicks they foreign where you be at

spendin' old money, delorean is back
spendin' oil money off that get rich project

multiple streams, I got multiple dreams
parlay is my scheme, waterfront wit my team
penthouse balconies yeah we higher than trees
motivation racing thanks to my enemies
I always sacrifice for a better life
now they money gettin' left mine gettin' right


They gonna hate ya but for them it's 2nd nature
get ya paper it's so easy it's 2nd nature
they cant blame ya they cant hate ya
they cant tame ya they cant take ya
they cant blame ya they cant hate ya
they cant tame ya they cant take ya
stay humble, cuz it can all crumble
them same ones now sayin' see I told you
before they were swearing that they know you
but they aint gotta go through the ish you go through
still tryna make moves
still tryna breakthrough
yea straight to the top on em
now they respect hustle they see there aint no stoppin' him


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OKCee - Port City Love (Ft MGQ & RoddyJ)

OKCee - Port City Love
(Ft MGQ & RoddyJ)

Prod by DJ Fo

Big Sean - One Man Can Change The World Ft. Kanye West & John Legend (Dark Sky Paradise)

Big Sean - One Man Can Change The World Ft. Kanye West & John Legend
(Dark Sky Paradise)

Big Sean - One Man Can Change The World Ft. Kanye West & John Legend (Dark Sky Paradise)
MP3 video

DJ Fo - Who Me (Ft RoddyJ & OKCee)

DJ Fo - Who Me (Ft RoddyJ & OKCee)
Guitar: G-Snap
Bass: J Van
Prod by: DJ Fo

DL: link

Novae Life: Mid-town ATL with my Novae Life Family

Pumped up after a day of training from multimillionaires, we decided to hit the town up afterward and enjoy the Atlanta night life. Thanks for watching!

Join with the person showing you this video or go to to work with me personally.

You are where you are in life as a result of the decisions you've made. The power to make this life-changing decision is yours, why wait? No one has become successful in life by just testing the water... you gotta go ALL IN!

Live the Novae Life and travel, learn and grow with us!
Standing by, Jerry Goins 
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Close up on the new Note Edge!

Cool phone and there are even apps just for the curved edge! Waiting to see when the phone will be officially released to the specific carriers though.

For now you can find unlocked versions on Amazon and eBay!

This phone packs all the same features as the Note 4 except the battery is a little smaller to allow more room to engineer the really cool edge.

It feels good in your hand and it doesn't feel like you will be accidentally touching the side and launching apps.  In fact, the bar disappears most of the time to all distraction-free viewing of the screen.

TOP 10: Must have Smartphones in 2015

From flexible to unforgettable holographic phones, this is a great video that shows you what's coming soon in 2015! I'm just excited to see manufactures push the bar and think outside the box on some of these. For the newest available phones click here.
For the Best Deals on the Newest Phones:

Don't Quit Your Day Job...

From factory work, to creative jobs like poetry... machines will eventually have your job.  McDonalds is already replacing cashiers... so is your local grocery store.

We are also starting to see cars that drive themselves so if you drive people or freight around, be on the look out.

It's hard to imagine that there are news articles that aren't even written by people.  Take Quill for example. It writes "Narratives that rival your best analyst or writer, produced at a scale, speed and quality only possible with automation."

Computer programmers are being threatened by software that can write itself. And even doctors and attorneys will become irrelevant due to the ability computers have to do fact finding and decision making. 

So what will happen to you in 10 years? It's hard to say, but we choose to create our own economy and build a network of people all working together to find financial freedom. 

Join the revolution and see what we mean when we say we are on the verge of a economic revolution in this country where more and more people will make the #SHIFT to network marketing as the solution.

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A CEO's Pay

CEO's in the U.S. typically make 475 times more than their average worker...

In countries like Japan, it's only 11 times more... #wakeup #entrepreneurs

Selena Gomez - The Heart Wants What It Wants (Official Video)

Selena Gomez - The Heart Wants What It Wants


It's like Facebook but you get paid for it... Click here!
After the release of her tearful music video "The Heart Wants What It Wants," Selena Gomez showed up on Thursday's On-Air with Ryan Seacrest and revealed what Justin Bieber thought of the heartbreaking, autobiographical song and how their relationship took her to such a breaking point.

The most emotional part of the video comes within the first moments of seconds when we hear her voice emotionally talking about her very public relationship. "You make me feel crazy, you make feel like it’s my fault," she's heard saying as she cries. "I was in pain.”

It was a very vulnerable moment and the 22-year-old singer reveals how they captured something so raw and real.

In other news....
Selena Gomez has officially sold her old home… and the buyers were none other than Iggy Azalea and her boyfriend Nick Young!

The 24-year-old rapper and the 29-year-old Los Angeles Lakers basketball player paid $3.45 million for the house in Tarzana, Calif., according to Variety.

Selena previously bought the home for $2.175 million in July 2011 and gave it a massive overhaul. She put it back on the market in May 2014 when she moved into a gated community in Calabasas.

The home has six bedrooms, seven full and two half bathrooms, a free-form swimming pool and spa, a sport court, a built-in outdoor barbecue center, and even a one-bedroom guesthouse with private entrance.

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Thanks for watching
Selena Gomez - The Heart Wants What It Wants, the Official Video

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You know why Facebook and Twitter measure revenues in billions every quarter? Because advertisers really want to place ads next to the stuff you're posting on those sites. Your stuff. Your content. TSU has raised over $7 million in start up funds to get the ball rolling! This means that investors see huge potential in it, shouldn't you? Time for a change! Get Paid what your network is worth!

 TSU is a free platform built to break the traditional social networking model where users provide all of the content and the social site makes all the money. Now you will be paid for the traffic you bring to your page! Not only that, but you get a percentage of what your network of referrals make too! You aren't going to become a millionaire in 30 days but by getting in early imagine building a network of hundreds of thousands of people! Everyone sharing excellent content and getting paid to socialize. 

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New York-based Tsu, which looks a lot like Facebook at first glance, only takes 10 percent of the ad revenue it generates, passing the other 90 percent back to users, according to founder Sebastian Sobczak. All the ad revenue Tsu makes in one day, for example, is distributed to users based on how many organic post-views they get during that 24-hour period. The more views and engagement you generate as a user, the larger portion of the pie you get. This breakdown certainly benefits the site’s most popular users (i.e. celebrities), but there are other ways to make money, too. Smaller percentages of this revenue pie are also used as incentive for people to invite their friends to Tsu, which is invite-only. Users also receive payments when the friends they invite share engaging posts, too.
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