Don't Quit Your Day Job...

From factory work, to creative jobs like poetry... machines will eventually have your job.  McDonalds is already replacing cashiers... so is your local grocery store.

We are also starting to see cars that drive themselves so if you drive people or freight around, be on the look out.

It's hard to imagine that there are news articles that aren't even written by people.  Take Quill for example. It writes "Narratives that rival your best analyst or writer, produced at a scale, speed and quality only possible with automation."

Computer programmers are being threatened by software that can write itself. And even doctors and attorneys will become irrelevant due to the ability computers have to do fact finding and decision making. 

So what will happen to you in 10 years? It's hard to say, but we choose to create our own economy and build a network of people all working together to find financial freedom. 

Join the revolution and see what we mean when we say we are on the verge of a economic revolution in this country where more and more people will make the #SHIFT to network marketing as the solution.

Check out this link for more info.

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