What Jesse Williams' Inspiring BET Speech was Missing...

My favorite part about Jesse’s speech was, “Just because we’re magic, doesn’t mean we’re not real…” But as I watch this inspiring speech, all I can think about is… what now? How do we fix the problems presented? “We want it now” so how do we get it? This is the perfect time to put this idea I’ve had on paper… I feel like the answer is education and entrepreneurship. The main reason for inequality is the sheer illusion of a lack of opportunity. This illusion is fostered by the media, by music, by what our parents taught us, by our community and the illusion is confirmed by stereotyping, discrimination and prejudice (a preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience). This illusion of a lack of opportunity can only be destroyed by education, mentor-ship, unity, and the experience of entrepreneurship!

 I learned that people treat you as you see yourself. How you see yourself affects your posture, your speech, your actions, your habits, your attitude, your mindset, your future, your success. This education of self is vital to success but it is rarely taught in school. I had ONE course in the 16 years of school about personal growth and self-development. RIP Mr. Mitchell, Thank You for your commitment to us even when we didn’t see it’s true value at the time.

Besides education, I believe the experience of entrepreneurship is powerful enough to destroy inequality and even curb violent crime by providing opportunity. Think about it, violence happens where there is the most scarcity and lack of resources. Otherwise people would just buy their way out of their problems instead of stealing, robbing killing to get what they need. Detroit, for example, has the highest eviction/foreclosure rate of any city and one of the highest murder rates as well… which is the effect of the other?? Do you think that if more people owned stores and shops in their city that they would be able to thrive and have a sense of pride of who they are and who their family is? Do you think they would have more opportunity handed down from generation to generation?? Instead of inheriting debt and prison sentences, inheriting corner stores, bakeries, and investment funds…

Violence would then be abandoned as the only means for survival and once the violence ends, the stereotypes will die. Once we can rebuild the trust, we can re-enforce our own self-confidence as people begin to accept us as we are, not as who they fear us to be. We don’t need activists to preach about peace more than we need teachers and mentors to teach us how to start businesses. We all have the same basic abilities, minds, souls, bodies and needs but face it, appearance will always be the first judge and it’s up to you to get passed that. Once I became color-blind to my success and I noticed that others became color-blind to me. If only people could realize that no matter who they are, old or young, white or black, rich or poor, we all live in the land of opportunity where you can literally make a dollar out of 15 cents. People immigrate (even illegally) to come to this country so they can have a shot at freedom and opportunity. All the while, people who are born here are caught up in generational curses of lack and poverty. Only education and entrepreneurship can break us free.

I graduated from a state university with a concentration in finance and entrepreneurship yet I have never learned as much as I have being a part of Novae Life over the last year and half. Self-development, personal growth and economic empowerment is at the heart of what we do. I already gave back to the community in college by speaking to thousands of students about the importance of college but now I feel speaking about entrepreneurship is even more impactful. I’ve seen so many lives change so drastically for the better by being a apart of this movement, mine included. I have never traveled so much and I have never made more money nor helped as many others make money being in any other work from home opportunity. The best part is… we see no color and everyone has the same opportunity for success. But I can’t force others to free themselves… if I could, we’d already be living successful dreams.

Thanks Mr. Williams for inspiring so many to take action, that’s part of the mission… the next step is education and finally providing people with an opportunity to fund their dreams. Thank you for reading!

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