RoddyJ - 2ndNature (Prod by DJ Fo) [Listen, Lyrics & Download]

RoddyJ - 2ndNature (Prod by DJ Fo)


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This is we how grind
yeah we play it cool
now we gettin' paper
haters hopin' I lose
but it's second nature
I guess its second nature...

Yeah I know they mad I can see their anger
Cuz I came up from same place they came from
sat and watched me hit rock bottom like an anchor
now the want peace all the get is middle finger

Fo goin' hammer on the beat, another banger
Bout to take flight, my skull is a hanger
you aint on track to a milli you're in danger
Paper getting right like an A plus

Paper getting right, hide the staplers
chicks mad now, I guess they catching vapors
wear my heart up on my sleeve, I guess I need a tailor
put that bread up in the oven, I guess I need a baker

It's rat race the Minotaur amaze ya
we some beasts on verses, they just squeaks on paper
chewing on a fresh benjie for the minty flavor
money coming easy to me, guess its 2nd nature


Goin' global but raised in the south
I do a show though, get paid then I'm out
never thought I get paid by word of mouth
remember momma sayin dont make me wash it out

You know I bring that heat for them busters
yeah you know I rockin sleep is for suckers
Fresh outfit, fresh fitted cap
fresh pair from coastal kicks they foreign where you be at

spendin' old money, delorean is back
spendin' oil money off that get rich project

multiple streams, I got multiple dreams
parlay is my scheme, waterfront wit my team
penthouse balconies yeah we higher than trees
motivation racing thanks to my enemies
I always sacrifice for a better life
now they money gettin' left mine gettin' right


They gonna hate ya but for them it's 2nd nature
get ya paper it's so easy it's 2nd nature
they cant blame ya they cant hate ya
they cant tame ya they cant take ya
they cant blame ya they cant hate ya
they cant tame ya they cant take ya
stay humble, cuz it can all crumble
them same ones now sayin' see I told you
before they were swearing that they know you
but they aint gotta go through the ish you go through
still tryna make moves
still tryna breakthrough
yea straight to the top on em
now they respect hustle they see there aint no stoppin' him


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